Основы предпринимательства
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Carl Mitcham, R. Shannon Duval
Engineering Ethics
David M. Boje, Robert P., Jr. Gephart, Tojo Joseph Thatchenkery
Postmodern Management and Organization Theory
Cynthia A. Brincat, Victoria S. Wike
Morality and the Professional Life: Values at Work
Deni Elliott, Judy E. Stern, Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics
Research Ethics: A Reader
Joseph A. Petrick, J. F. Quinn, Sage Publications, John F. Quinn
Management Ethics: Integrity at Work (Saga Series on Business Ethics)
Robert Hauptman, Peter Hernon
Ethics and Librarianship
R. E. Oliver, R. Oliver
What is Transparency?
Christina M. Anastasia
Karma & the Art of Business
Kristin Shrader-Frechette
Ethics of Scientific Research
Rosa Lynn B. Pinkus, Larry J. Shuman, Norman P. Hummon, Harvey Wolfe
Engineering Ethics: Balancing Cost, Schedule, and Risk-Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle
Elaine E. Englehardt, Ralph D. Barney
Media and Ethics: Principles for Moral Decisions
John Kidd, Frank-Jurgen Richter
Corruption and Governance in Asia
Keith M. Dowding, Jurgen De Wispelaere, Stuart White
The Ethics of Stakeholding
Franklin G. Miller, James M. Humber, John C. Fletcher
The Nature and Prospects of Bioethics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives