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Thomas L. Means, Thomas Means
Business Communications
Джозеф М. Эбе, Дэвид А. Бассетт, Патриция Е. Демпси
Business Ecology: Giving Your Organization the Natural Edge
Ronald J. Ebert, Ricky W. Griffin
Business Essentials (4th Edition)
John Mahoney, Elizabeth Vallance, Jack Mahoney, European Business Ethics Network
Business Ethics in a New Europe (Issues in Business Ethics, Vol 3)
Chris Moon, Clive Bonny, Rushworth Kidder
Business Ethics: Facing Up To the Issues
Marjorie Brody, Barbara Pachter
Business Etiquette
Энн-Мари Сабат
Business Etiquette In Brief
Уильям Уоллас, W. T. Layton
Business Forecasting and Its Practical Application
Charles Chew
Business Law
John A. Carey, Jim Business Letters for Busy People Dugger, National Press Publications
Business Letters for Busy People
Robert L. Dansby, Robert Dansby
Business Math Essentials
Denise A. Hill, Virginia, J.D. Koerselman
Business Organization Specialty Review Manual
Стивен Д. Петерсон, Питер Джарет
Business Plans Kit for Dummies (+ CD-ROM)
Steven D., PhD Peterson, Peter E. Jaret, Barbara Findlay Schenck
Business Plans Kit For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))
Robert G. Business Policy and Strategy Murdick, Harold C. Babson, R. Carl Moor, William H. Tomlinson
Business Policy and Strategy: An Action Guide, Sixth Edition
Kenneth E. Everard, James, L. Burrow, Jim Burrow
Business Principles and Management (10th Student Edition)
Joel P. Bowman, Bernadine P. Branchaw
Business Report Writing
Steven D. Strauss
Business Start-Up Kit
Norean R. Sharpe, Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman
Business Statistics Preliminary Edition, Vol. I
Business Women's Network, WorkingWoman Network
Business Women's Network 2001 International Directory