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M. Shires, Melissa Glenn Haber, Melissa Glenn Haber Michael A. Shires
A Review of Local Government Revenue Data in California
Edward G. Hinkelman, Gilbert Mansergh, Edward Hinkelman
A Short Course in International Trade Documentation
Francis Mading Deng, I. William Zartman
A Strategic Vision for Africa: The Kampala Movement
Gary Stanley Becker, Gary S. Becker
A Treatise on the Family (enlarged edition)
Jeffrey M. Berry, David F. Arons
A Voice for Nonprofits
William J. Quirk, R. Randall Bridwell, Randall R. Bridwell
Abandoned: The Betrayal of the American Middle Class Since World War II
Mike Wright, Bart Clarysse, Philippe Mustar, Andy Lockett
Academic Entrepreneurship in Europe
Gregory B. Waymire, Sudipto Basu
Accounting is an Evolved Economic Institution
Marjorie M. Holland, Elizabeth R. Blood, Lawrence R. Shaffer
Achieving Sustainable Freshwater Systems: A Web of Connections
Robert Cohen
Acting One