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S. M. Ravi Kanbur, Todd Sandler, Kevin M. Morrison, Ravi Kanbur, Overseas Development Council
The Future of Development Assistance: Common Pools and International Public Goods (Policy Essay, No 25)
Marc Karnis Landy, Martin A. Levin
The New Politics of Public Policy
Keith Griffin, Keith B. Griffin
Economic Reform in Vietnam
Dominique Van De Walle, Kimberly Nead, World Bank
Public Spending and the Poor: Theory and Evidence
Colin Crouch, Wolfgang Streeck
Political Economy of Modern Capitalism
Sarah Anderson, International Forum on Globalization
Views from the South
Jere R. Behrman, Alejandro Gaviria, Miguel Szekely
Who's in and Who's Out: Social Exclusion in Latin America
Kari Juhani Keipi, Kari Keipi, Inter-American Development Bank
Forest Resource Policy in Latin America
Adam B. Jaffe, Josh Lerner, Scott Stern
Innovation Policy and the Economy, Vol. 1
Yacov Tsur, Terry L. Roe, Mohammed Rachid Doukkali, Ariel Dinar, Enrique Aguilar, Hassan Benabderrazik, Wei Bingcai, Erol Cakmak, Xinshen Diao, Robert Johansson
Pricing Irrigation Water: Principles and Cases from Developing Countries
Javier Martinez, Alvaro Diaz, Alvaro H. Diaz Perez
Chile: the Great Transformation
Claudio De Moura Castro, Norma M. Garcia
Community Colleges: A Model for Latin America?
Constantine Michalopoulos
Developing Countries in the Wto