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Rajaram Krishnan, Jonathan M. Harris, Neva R. Goodwin
A Survey of Ecological Economics (Frontier Issues in Economic Thought)
Peninah Thomson, Jacey Graham, Tom Lloyd
A Woman's Place in the Boardroom: The Road Map
Justus Haucap, Ralf Dewenter
Access Pricing: Theory and Practice
Alain De Janvry, Gustavo Gordillo, Jean-Philippe Platteau, Elisabeth Sadoulet, World Institute for Development Economics Research
Access to Land, Rural Poverty, and Public Action (Studies in Development Economics.)
Vicente H. Gracias, Mark G. McKenney, Patrick M. Reilly, George Velmahos
Acute Care Surgery
Dave Bartholomew
Adages from Ascent
Edited by Leslie Butterfield
Bruce H. H. Bendinger, Ann Maxwell, Beth Barnes, Elizabeth Tucker, Anthony McGann, Robert Gustafson, Carla Lloyd, Tom Jordan, Jon Wardrip, Jim Avery
Advertising and The Business of Brands
Max Sutherland, Alice K. Sylvester
Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer