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James O., Jr. Hacker, Don C. Dodson, M. Thane Forthman
A Marketing Approach to Physician Recruitment (Haworth Marketing Resources)
Bill Evans, Andrew Lawson
A Nation of Shopkeepers
Edward Gough Whitlam
A Pacific Community
Jon P. Alston, Melanie Hawthorne
A Practical Guide to French Business
J. Paul Peter, Джеймс Х. Доннелли - мл.
A Preface to Marketing Management
Congressional Research Service
A Reference Guide to Banking and Finance
Rajaram Krishnan, Jonathan M. Harris, Neva R. Goodwin
A Survey of Ecological Economics (Frontier Issues in Economic Thought)
Peninah Thomson, Jacey Graham, Tom Lloyd
A Woman's Place in the Boardroom: The Road Map
Justus Haucap, Ralf Dewenter
Access Pricing: Theory and Practice
Alain De Janvry, Gustavo Gordillo, Jean-Philippe Platteau, Elisabeth Sadoulet, World Institute for Development Economics Research
Access to Land, Rural Poverty, and Public Action (Studies in Development Economics.)