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Edward G. Rogoff, Jeff Bezos
Bankable Business Plans
John Bear, Mariah Bear, Clinton Marsh
Bears' Guide to the Best MBAs by Distance Learning
Alice A. Adams, Rachel A. Seff, Ron T. Adams
60 Minutes to Success : The Ultimate Guide to Power Lunching
Facts on File Inc, J.G. Ferguson Publishing Company, Sharon Naylor
Learning the Ropes (Career Skills Library)
Facts on File Inc, J.G. Ferguson Publishing Company, Richard Worth
Organization Skills (Career Skills Library)
Peter Ackers, Chris Smith, Paul Smith
The New Workplace and Trade Unionism
Editors of VGM, Public Library Association, VGM
The Guide to Basic Cover Letter Writing
Luis Gomez-Mejia, David Balkin, Robert Cardy
Managing Human Resources, Fourth Edition
Allison Rossett, Jeannette Gautier-Downes
A Handbook of Job Aids
Helen Huber, Audree Spatz, Center for Applied Gerontology
Homemaker/Home Health Aide
Priscilla K. Shontz, Steven J. Oberg, Robert N. Klob, Robert R. Newlen
Jump Start Your Career in Library and Information Science
Lila B. Stair, Leslie Stair
Careers in Computers, Third Edition
Genny Dell Dunne, Genny Dunne
The Nursing Job Search Handbook