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Nathan Levine, Шерил Линдселл-Робертс
Typing and Keyboarding for Everyone (w/CD), 12th edition
Editors of VGM Career Books
VGM's Careers Encyclopedia
Lila B. Stair, Leslie Stair, Leslie Stair
Careers In Marketing
Andrew Matthews, Andrew Matthews
Follow Your Heart
Roy Edelfelt, Alan Reiman
Careers in Education
Lloyd E. Hudman, Richard H. Jackson
Geography of Travel & Tourism
Kenneth L. Lloyd, Ken Lloyd
Be the Boss Your Employees Deserve
Linda L. Neider, Chester A. Schriescheim
Leadership (Research in Management)
Julie DeGalan, Bryon Middlekauff
Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors
W. Bruce Walsh, Rosie Phillips Bingham, Michael T. Brown, Connie M. Ward
Career Counseling for African Americans
June F. Kikuchi, Helen Simmons
Developing a Philosophy of Nursing
Julie DeGalan, Stephen Lambert
Great Jobs for Psychology Majors
Shirley Porter, Keith Porter, Christine Bennett, Keith J. Porter
Me, Myself, and I, Inc: 10 Steps to Career Independence
Blythe Camenson, Blythe Camenson
Great Jobs for Communications Majors
William Ray Heitzmann, Wm. Ray Heitzmann
Opportunities in Sports And Athletics Careers
Zahie El Kouri, Staff of Vault
Vault Guide to Corporate Law Careers