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Даниель Поро, Френсис Боллс Хейнс
101 Salary Secrets : How to Negotiate Like a Pro
Peter Michael Blau, Otis Dudley Duncan, Andrea Tyree
The American Occupational Structure
Roger E. Herman, Thomas G. Olivo, Joyce L. Gioia
Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People
Lee Evan Caplin, Tom Power, Lee Caplin, National Endowment for the Arts
The Business of Art
Monica M. Bassett
The Professional Nanny
Mortimer R. Feinberg, John J. Tarrant
Why Smart People Do Dumb Things
Stewart D. Friedman, Jeffrey H. Greenhaus
Work and Family - Allies or Enemies?
Jim Stringham, David R. Workman
The Unemployment Survival Guide
Peggy Simonsen
Career Compass
Harold R. Wallace, L. Ann Masters
Personal Development for Life and Work
Facts on File Inc, J. G. Publishing Company Furguson, Richard Worth
Professional Ethics and Etiquette (Career Skills Library)
Ronald L. Krannich, Caryl Krannich, Ron Krannich
Get a Raise in 7 Days: 10 Salary Savvy Steps to Success