Guy Arnold Resources of the Third World

Resources of the Third World

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The Resources of the Third World provides a comprehensive survey of those countries that are considered to belong to the Third World or "less developed countries," those that the World Bank classifies as low- or middle-income economies. The book analyzes the contribution that possession of resources makes to economic development. Guy Arnold defines "resources" in broad terms--not only the traditionally analyzed resources of agricultural and mineral wealth but also the less well studied resources of infrastructure and, especially, population, and the talents, education, and training of that population. In Part I, Overview, Arnold examines these resources and defines the relationship between the advanced economies of the North and the developing economiesof the South. In Part II, Country Surveys, he provides individual analysis of some 144 countries of the South in an effort to define their potential and probable development during the first few decades of the 21st century.

The Resources of the Third World will be an essential text for any researcher, librarian, or student with an interest in Third World studies.

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