Saskia Harkema Complexity and emergence in innovation projects

Complexity and emergence in innovation projects

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Complexity and emergence in innovation projects Emergence and self-regulation are two important phenomena that define the behaviour of complex adaptive systems. In this reserach innovation at the firm level is approached from the perspective of complex adaptive systems theory. This research deliberatly aims to open up new roads for research by approaching innovation from another perspective than is done in mainstream literature. The research is framed within the so-called complexity paradigm,which is primarily concerned with phenomena like swarm intelligence, self-regulation, emergence and adaptation. Over the last 30 years the interest and focus of attention for these types of systems has grown in the managerial sciences. This research forms a breakthrough since it for the first time applies complex adaptive systems theory in combination with a simulation based on the idea of swarm intelligence in a real-life setting. The results reveal a number of interesting insights and conclusions about the design and improvement of innovation processes and management of innovation projects.