Барри Фейг Winning Marketing Strategies

Winning Marketing Strategies

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In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, you rarely get a second chance to market your product or service successful. Fortunately, you can reach your target audiences and position your products to sell - the first time, every time - with the help of Winning Marketing Strategies.

This comprehensive guide helps you avoid wasteful trial-and-error decision-making and eliminate mistakes by giving you fast access to proven-successful marketing techniques that cover every aspect of the marketing cycle - from market research to product development to pricing to advertising to analyzing sales results and jump-starting fading product lines. Put these field-rested strategies to work and discover how easy it can be to:
- Create winning product names and packaging;
- Derive useful information from focus groups;
- Establish your product niche and grow with it;
- Use new media to reach your audience;
- Build excitement within your sales force;
- Develop an "impulse-sale" product;
- Run trade shows that generate real sales leads;
- Build long-term sales relationships;
- Reposition a fading product;
- Create a "take-no-prisoners" marketing plan;
- Multiply your advertising effectiveness;
- Segment your market for maximum profit;
- Write sales letters that make sales;
- Install a successful "frequent-user" program;
- Create a brochure that gets action;
- Add product value with creative pricing;
- Build a distribution tree.

Winning Marketing Strategies is your one-stop source for everything you need to boost sales, launch new products, increase market share… and market faster and smarter!