Linwood Bailey The Business of Me: Your Job . . . Your Career . . . Your Value

The Business of Me: Your Job . . . Your Career . . . Your Value

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Get the tools, resources, and information you need to maximize your most important economic asset-your career-in this guidebook that's all about you. Author Linwood Bailey, a longtime personal coach, recounts the lessons he has learned advising clients and companies in a multitude of industries. He'll help you find a job, keep it, get pay raises, get promoted, and find opportunities in unlikely places. Each chapter begins with a quote and question that uncover core concepts of featured business management processes. Summaries with specific steps help you execute a comprehensive action plan to advance your career. While there is an abundance of career management data available in other books, the Internet, and in the media, this guidebook provides a structure so you can improve your personal brand and achieve your goals. You'll learn how to apply business management principles revolving around product development, marketing, selling, product delivery, and much more. Get the guidance you need and learn from real-life examples and Bailey's thirty-four years of experience. Stop being managed by data and start applying the business principles that help you build The Business of Me.