Nilay Saha Performance Audit: A Case Study of Indian Metro Railway

Performance Audit: A Case Study of Indian Metro Railway

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Performance Audit: A Case Study of Indian Metro Rail’ explores the socio-economic impact of the decisions taken by the then Govt. of India in 1969 and in 1995 to construct India’s first and Asia’s fifth Metro Railways in Kolkata and in Delhi respectively. Both the projects were capital intensive. Since inception Kolkata Metro Rail is in severe crisis due to operating losses. Contrarily, Delhi Metro generated profit from the first year of its commissioning and boasts of being one of only five metro systems in the world – Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, and Delhi – that has been operating profitably without govt. subsidies. Keeping in mind this reverse situation of Kolkata Metro Rail and Delhi Metro Rail under the same Ministry i.e., Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India it is the high time to evaluate why Kolkata Metro is still suffering from operating losses while Delhi Metro generates operating revenue through introducing the concept of ‘Performance Audit’ in Indian Metro Railways. This book is a humble attempt to communicate to the entire world that the application of ‘Performance Audit’ is inevitable for attaining the desired goal successfully in all fields of operation
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