Emmanuel Baidoo Records Management In Tertiary Institutions

Records Management In Tertiary Institutions

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Many institutions in developing countries including Universities do not keep records properly and as such their records management programmes do not conform to standards in records management. This constitutes a problem. In view of this, the researcher decided to conduct a study into management of the records of the University of Ghana and the University of Education to find out the underlying causes of the difficulties facing the Universities in records management and to make recommendations to better the system. The study is organized into five chapters. Chapter one covers the introduction. Chapter two consists of the literature review. Chapter three presents the methodology. Chapter four presents the analysis of the data and findings. Chapter five deals with the summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations. It is hoped that the study will create the necessary awareness with regards to records management at the two Universities. The study will also enlighten other public institutions of the importance of effective and efficient records management systems and help them to adopt professional records management systems.